Sample design of the title page of an abstract or work

The title page of the abstract or in common parlance “titles” (Latin titulus – “inscription, title”) – is one of the first pages of the abstract, which precedes the text of your work. The title page of the abstract contains the main source information: the name of the author, the topic of the abstract, the name of the institution to which it will be submitted, the name of the author and reviewer, as well as the year of publication and the city in which it is written.

The title page of the abstract is the face of your work (school or student work), which creates the first impression. And whether it will be good or bad – it’s up to you. We, in turn, will tell you how to make a cover letter so that your teacher or teacher likes it.

Sample of the title page of the abstract

Abstract title page

Abstract title page

Sample title page of the abstract

How to design the title page of the abstract: sample + basic recommendations

What is the importance of the correct compilation of the title page of the abstract? If the title is designed incorrectly, then the teacher may not even read the text of the abstract, give it to you immediately for revision.

As a rule, all norms and standards of registration are registered in guests. But before you start writing the title page of the essay, ask the teacher if he has any personal recommendations for the design of the work.

What are the dimensions of the margins on the title page of the abstract?

Before you can write the title page of the abstract, you need to set the size of the field:

  • right – not less than 1.5 cm,
  • left – 3 cm,
  • upper and lower – 2 cm.

It is necessary to specify the sizes of fields at the teacher as he can not adhere to the state standards and to change requirements.

If you are no longer a student, but studying at the university, the title page is made as follows:

  • name of the university;
  • full name of the department;
  • name of scientific discipline;
  • the title of the topic of the abstract;
  • student data (name, course, group number, form of study);
  • data of the checking teacher;
  • the city where the student studies;
  • year of publication of the abstract.


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