Problem solution in the discipline “Acoustics”
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Each of us encounters different sounds every day. They help us navigate in space, listen to music, and communicate. In physics there is such a direction as Acoustics. It is the science of sound and the properties of sound waves. It studies the oscillation of waves from the lowest to the highest. Today it distinguishes between types of sound such as tone (musical sound), noise and sonic boom. Acoustics is a broad science and is divided into several areas:

  • Electroacoustics;
  • Physical acoustics;
  • Architectural acoustics;
  • Hydroacoustics;
  • Physiological acoustics;
  • Biological acoustics;
  • Atmospheric acoustics;
  • Biological acoustics;
  • Quantum acoustics.

This is an interdisciplinary branch of physics, in which there are close interconnections with other fields. The most common interaction of acoustics can be traced to music theory, mechanics, medicine, architecture, electronics, and mathematics. The knowledge gained from the study is used by architects in the design of lecture halls and concert halls for distinctive sound. Engineers use acoustical knowledge to design various devices related to sound. In medicine, acoustics is used to examine patients.

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