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Biophysics as a science began its active development in the mid-twentieth century. This science studies properties of biological objects, their processes and interaction mechanisms from the point of view of physical laws.

Modern biophysics investigates the molecular basis of structures of all living things. Biophysics also deals with mathematical modeling, nanobiology, the study of photobiological processes and the study of protein and membrane structures. The objects of study in biophysics are:

  • The human body and the processes that disrupt its
  • biological tissues and cells;
  • electronic structures of molecules;
  • magnetic fields that affect electrical processes in the human body.

Biophysics is very multifaceted. Scientists use special methods to solve problems, such as: ultracentrifugation, calorimetry, electrophoresis, X-ray analysis, spectrophotometry, neutronoscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance and others. Each biophysical study must be quantitatively described and precise proof of each solution is given. The results of biophysical experiments are applied in medicine, biotechnology, agronomy, ecology.

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