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Almost all students of higher educational institutions know what a calculation-graphic task is. In some universities there is also another name – calculation-graphic work – a type of educational material, similar to the usual practical course work. But there is a slight difference, which consists in the fact that the task of calculating-graphic work is given to the student individually. The topic does not change, each student has his own version of the task. On this basis, is completely ruled out the possibility to copy the finished work of a classmate.

Our services

    • Performed to order the job to the calculating work for the day form of education;
    • Let’s write a job for the money to do homework control work for distance learning.


  • economics of labor and social and labor relations;
  • differential equations;
  • thermal engineering;
  • project management;
  • structural mechanics;
  • business plan (business planning);
  • enterprise economics;
  • theoretical foundations of electrical engineering;
  • finance, money and credit;
  • accounting;
  • marketing;
  • management;
  • calculations in Matlab or Mathcad
  • higher mathematics;
  • economics;
  • strength and math;
  • Technology of service in hotels and tourist complexes;
  • ecologization of ICE;
  • material and technical base of hotels;
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics;
  • economics and organization of united enterprises;
  • technical drawing;
  • basics of management and marketing

Recent performance of the assignment:

  1. Using statistical methods to study mass socio-economic phenomena.
  2. Marketing distribution policy.

In addition to calculation and graphic works, you can also order other works from us:

  • Independent work;
  • Individual assignment;
  • Laboratory work;
  • Control work;
  • Practical work.

If you study remotely abroad: England, America, China, Europe, Asia, then your university only accepts assignments in English. You can order the translation of any calculating and graphic work into English, but if you order all together – and the work is done by 2 authors, then there is a possibility of revisions. The first author will revise the work for free, but you will have to pay a second time for the second translation. In general, all revisions are free. It concerns all homework in Russian or Ukrainian without making additional conditions and without changing the layout of the work itself.

All authors work with us remotely. You just need to send the task to our e-mail or fill out the order form.

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