Elon Musk explains how you can make Mars suitable for life.

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According to Elon Musk, Mars will first need to warm up. According to the businessman, it can be done with the help of the nuclear bombing of the planet’s surface – resulting in billions of cubic meters of ice will melt, and out will come a huge carbon reservoir.

Businessman claims that Mars may well be made suitable for human life. Obviously, this first planet to be warm. Businessman claims that this problem can be solved by organizing the bombing of the planet’s surface nuclear warheads. As a result of billions of cubic meters of ice to melt, and come out large carbon deposits.

The idea is to create two small pulsating “suns” of the polar caps of the planet. When this explosion on the planet must be above the surface, and not on the surface of Mars.

Such artificial lights will warm the planet and transform the frozen carbon dioxide in the gas. Accordingly, the CO2 will have in the future to keep warm the planet, creating a greenhouse effect. And, accordingly, the more carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere of a planet, the planet will be warmer. Interestingly, when a businessman was asked how difficult it will be to implement this plan, he replied that it was “absolutely not a problem.”

His statement made at SolarCity entrepreneur conference. Here he noted that now SpaceX is working on a plan to create a transport ship “Earth-Mars”.

Note that the idea of ​​settlement of the planet businessman stands for a decade and believes that without this the future of society is a dead end.

Elon Musk said that in about 20 years, you can establish a base on Mars with thousands or even tens of thousands of people at the same time the first colonists have to pay for themselves, but the pioneers will be able to found a colony, which can be developed.

Naturally, the first zaselentsy will not be able to return to Earth in the foreseeable future, and it will have to be aware of. These people will be faced with physical and mental malaise, unexplored disease and major depression. It is also necessary to understand, getting rid of a romantic veil at the thought of traveling to Mars.

Industry will have to be created from scratch, which means that work will have to wear. In this case, the current human capacity is not enough for any active terraforming Mars in the near future.

Perhaps it will turn out, but very soon. Already, Elon Musk solve potential design of the ship to transport colonists. There is even a name – Mars Colonial Transporter. But we must still lots of time for this project to become something worthy, and not just a name. For this case, first of all, you need to reduce the cost of separately taken a rocket launch.

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