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Psychology is a multifaceted and complex science. It is divided into many branches, which makes it possible to study human psychology in depth. Ethnic psychology is part of the psychological sciences. Studying at the university, this discipline is very important for students. After all, every future psychologist must understand the peculiarities of the psychology of people of different nationalities.

Psychologists studying ethnopsychology conduct research into the national-psychological features of people of a particular race. They also study the patterns of manifestation of national characteristics and their functioning, regardless of whether they are congenital or acquired. With the help of ethnopsychology they study traditions, cultural needs and behavior of representatives of specific nationalities. The methods of research in ethnic psychology include observation, tests, experiments, interviews, as well as the method of comparison and comparison.

Today, ethnic psychology is a young and insufficiently researched field. It includes knowledge of psychology, cultural studies, philosophy, and ethnology. In the course of its study, students examine such topics as:

  • Peculiarities of the psyche of people of different peoples;
  • Features of the national perception of the world;
  • Features of national relations;
  • Regularities in the formation of national society;
  • Solution of problems of national character.

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