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As you know, in all universities in our country the main load for first-year students is higher mathematics. It is present in any area of the curriculum and is very good at developing logic, thinking, and training the brain. But when doing homework or independent work there are such twisted tasks that just to solve individual homework on your own you can not “break” your head sitting over textbooks.

All students are faced with problems and examples of higher mathematics of varying complexity, to solve individual tasks can take a whole day, and the result will be wrong. It is especially difficult for correspondence students, as they do not always have the opportunity to seek advice from the teacher. If the student has no time and opportunity to do homework on higher mathematics, the best option is to seek help from the experts. Such issues are dealt with only professionals who will quickly and inexpensively solve the problem, examples, equations, independent or homework on mathematics of any complexity to order.

STUDIK agency specialists are real professionals who will be happy to help you solve your problems. You can turn to us for help in solving equations, examples, math problems for money, independent work on higher mathematics. Also, our experts can decompose into factors, figure out the division of decimals, decompose a polynomial into factors, figure out the basic properties of powers, and much more.

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Solving math assignments with the help of our agency will help you save your time for recreation and improve your academic performance. You can also order work in the following sections of mathematical science: algebra, geometry, mathematical logic, functional analysis, numerical methods, integral equations, mathematical analysis (matanalysis), probability theory, differential equations, random processes theory, mathematical physics, number theory, cryptography and many others.

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With ten years of experience the agency “STUDIK” knows how to solve problems in mathematical disciplines of any complexity, and do their job qualitatively. Make your life easier: trust the work on mathematics top-notch professionals!

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What math problems can we do?

Elements of Linear Algebra

  • Determinants and their main properties. Matrices, operations on them, inverse matrix.
  • Solving systems of linear equations by Gauss, Cramer, matrix methods.
  • Eigen numbers and eigenvectors.
  • Scalar and vector quantities.
  • Geometric vectors, linear operations on vectors.
  • Scalar product of vectors. A straight line in the plane. Various forms of equation of a straight line in the plane.
  • Circle, ellipse, hyperbola, parabola. Their canonical equations and form studies.
  • Plane and line in space. Second order surfaces. Their canonical equations.

Elements of Analytical Geometry

  • Geometric vectors on the plane and in space, linear operations on them.
  • Vector coordinates.
    n-dimensional vectors and operations on them.
  • Linear spaces. Linearly independent systems of vectors.
  • Line in the plane. Straight line (vector and coordinate forms).
  • Second-order curves and their properties.
  • Surfaces in space. Straight lines and planes in space. Surfaces of second order.

Introduction to Mathematical Analysis

  • Sets and actions on them. Bounded numerical sets.
  • Functions: concept, graph, basic elementary functions and their graphs, one-to-one mapping.
  • Numerical sequences, limit sequences, signs of their existence.
  • The limit of a function at a point, infinitesimal and infinitely large functions and their limits.
  • Continuity of a function at a point and on an interval, properties of continuous functions.

Differential calculus of functions of one variable

  • The derivative function, its geometrical, physical, and economic meaning.
  • Basic rules of differentiation.
  • Derivatives and differentials of higher orders.
  • Theorems on differentiable functions, Lopital’s rule.
  • Taylor’s formula and its application.

Exploring a function with derivatives

  • The original function and the indefinite integral, their properties.
  • Basic methods of integration.
  • Integration of rational fractions of some irrational expressions and trigonometric functions.

Integral calculus of a function of one variable

  • The original function and the indefinite integral, their properties.
  • Basic methods of integration.
  • Integration of rational fractions of some irrational expressions and trigonometric functions.

The Definite Integral and its Application

  • Basic problems that lead to the concept of the definite integral.
  • The concept of the integral sum of a definite integral and its properties.
  • The derivative of the integral by the upper bound, the Newton-Leibniz formula.
  • Calculation of an integral by partial integration and substitution.
  • Application of definite integrals in calculating areas of plane figures, arc lengths of curves, surface area of rotation.
  • Non-objective integrals of the first and second kind.

Functions of many variables

  • Area of definition, boundary, continuity.
  • Partial derivatives, total differential, invariance of its form.
  • Scalar and vector fields. Directional derivative, gradient of scalar field.
  • Partial derivatives and partial differentials of higher orders.
    Implicit functions, existence theorem.
  • Extremum of a function of many variables, conditional extremum, Lagrange multiplier method, highest and lowest values of a function in a domain.

Numerical series

  • Convergence and sum of series.
  • Convergence signs of numerical series with positive terms.
  • A sign-invariant series.
  • Absolute and conditional convergence.

Functional series

  • Power series.
  • Abel’s theorem.
  • Distribution of functions in power series.
  • Taylor’s series.
  • Application of power series to approximate calculations.

Fourier series. Schedule of functions in a Fourier series

Ordinary differential equations

  • First order differential equations.
  • The Cauchy problem.

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