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While studying at a technical college, each student is faced with the study of the physical sciences. One of these sciences is fluid dynamics. It studies the laws of motion and interaction of liquids and gases with both moving and stationary surfaces. The basis of hydrodynamics are the velocity of liquids, the resistance to the motion of liquids and hydrodynamic pressure.

Hydrodynamics occupies one of the important positions in the section of continuum physics. Poiseuille’s law is one of the main ones in hydrodynamics. Bernoulli’s equation is also one of the most important formulas. Lagrange’s and Euler’s methods are used in the analysis of fluid motion. Hydrodynamics studies the change in velocity and pressure of liquids at different times and at different points in space. A distinction is made between steady and unsteady motion of a fluid. In steady motion, velocity and pressure remain unchanged at any point in space. In unsteady motion, velocity and pressure depend on time and point in space.

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