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We make to order individual tasks on the financial reporting of the enterprises, and also on the financial reporting of the enterprise:

  • paint business transactions for 3 months (7-8 transactions);
  • fill in the journal of business transactions for 3 months separately. We make a “chess” statement for 3 months separately;
  • fill in the balance sheet and form 1.2 (“Balance Sheet”, “Statement of financial results”);
  • we analyze the reporting of the enterprise.

Compilation of enterprise reports does not take much time for our specialists. We can complete your individual task quickly and inexpensively. Just email it to us and tell us exactly what to do. Our specialists will look closely at your task and within one working day will give you an answer about the cost of your order.

We also do essays and term papers on the subject “Tax reporting of the enterprise” and write tests and independent work on “Accounting” and “Tax Accounting”.

Usually such individual tasks are given to students during their internship in accounting. When filling out the report on undergraduate practice, students gain skills in processing primary and electronic documents using computer programs for accounting.

During the training or internship, future graduates and accountants study the internal organizational and administrative documents of the economic entity, which regulate the procedure for compiling, storing and transferring to the archive of accounting documents.

Students also get acquainted with the process of registration, accumulation and generalization of data by means of a double entry and train to make accounting entries in accordance with the working plan of accounts of the economic entity.

The pearl of our services is very large:

  • use methods of calculating the cost of products (works or services);
  • use methods of financial analysis of information contained in financial statements;
  • assess the potential risks and opportunities of the economic entity in the foreseeable future;
  • make calculations of wages, as well as other payments and benefits to employees of the economic entity;
  • compile data of analytical accounting with turnovers and balances on the accounts of synthetic accounting on the last calendar day of each month;
  • make reporting calculations;
  • establish a cause-and-effect relationship of changes that have occurred during the reporting period;

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