Graduation thesis writing services (MBA )

Graduation thesis writing services (MBA)

Tons of graduate students suffer from a lack of time to complete all of the daily responsibilities. It is hard enough to fit schoolwork in, let alone the time, energy, and effort that it takes to complete a professional thesis. There are companies that offer a variety of dissertation writing services that can help take some of the stress associated with writing and composing your graduate level thesis paper.

Graduation thesis writing services can go anywhere from editing and revisions to writing your entire paper from scratch, and anywhere in between. If you are a graduate program student who is in need of dissertation writing services, then it is time to consider enlisting the help of professional writers.

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We can help you write a thesis project, scientific paper and presentation in English.

We write the thesis, as well as a presentation in Power Point program and a scientific article in English, for countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom (England), United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland in the English language. Also we are able to write a thesis for countries such as Singapore, India, Hong Kong, South Africa, Malta, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya and others.

If desired country is not listed still give us a request and we will consider it. Order a thesis can be of technical, legal, humanitarian and economic disciplines for the various European universities. Term of performance of degree work 30 working days.

For a fee, carry out urgent diploma projects within 14 days. thesis for 3-7 days did not perform as well as we can’t make a qualitative study material. For us, the quality of the diploma is more important than speed and price.

All thesis presentations to them and give a guarantee of scientific articles on the free maintenance and revision of the first demand of the teacher. This means, if your thesis project will not take the first time, and it will require something to fix, our author’s free will make all the fixes that are required, and we will correct again as long as it does not take your head.

When customers decide to buy thesis, they should address a series of relevant questions, especially concerning the specialty of original thesis writing services. This suggests that the authors of the thesis need to possess corresponding education and high professional qualifications. Moreover, it is essential that the customers run the received theses through plagiarism detection software. The customers need to make sure that the thesis includes proper title page, references and formatting services, whether this would be in APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian style. To buy original thesis also means to negotiate with the respective writing agency regarding the precise, deadline as well as regarding the revision facility; this should be completely free of charges. The customers have to consider the degree of difficulty of their custom thesis and the availability of various research requirements completing the topic in the best possible way.

Graduation Thesis (MBA )

We write graduation theses in law and economics, humanitarian and engineering subjects. We work with all European countries: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, the Check Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Austria, etc. Also we work with the United States of America and Canada.

You are free to order a graduation thesis in such subjects:

Graduation theses in Law:

·        Theory of State and Law;

·        History of Political and Juridical Doctrines;

·        History of State and Law of Foreign Countries;

·        Constitutional (State) Law (of your native country);

·        Constitutional (State) Law of Foreign Countries;

·        Civil Law;

·        Civil Procedural Law;

·        Administrative Law;

·        Labor Law;

·        Criminal Law;

·        Procedural Criminal Law;

·        Criminalistics;

·        International Law;

·        Environmental Law;

·        Land Law;

·        Roman Law;

·        Private International Law;

·        Financial Law;

·        Municipal Law;

·        Law of Domestic Relations;

·        Criminology;

·        Law Machinery;

·        Juridical Psychology;

·        Criminal and Penal Law;

·        Procuracy Supervision;

·        Business Law ;

·        Commercial Law;

·        Forensic Examination;

·        Law of Treaties;

·        International Economic Relations;

·        Advocacy;

·        Customs Law;

·        Tax Law;

·        Social Security Law;

·        Banking Law;

·        European Law;

·        Administrative Justice.

Graduation theses in specialized subjects:

State-legal section:

·        Currency Legislation;

·        Public Service;

·        Antimonopoly Law;

·        Information Law.


Jural section:

·        Jural Fighting in the Sphere of Economic Crime;

·        Criminal Penalty and its Practice;

·        Forensic Medicine;

·        Fundamentals of the Efficient Searching Activity.


Civil section:

·        Intellectual Property;

·        Insurance Law;

·        Inheritance Law;

·        Notariat System.


Jural Fighting in the Sphere of Economic Crime:

·        Criminal Penalty and its Practice;

·        Forensic Medicine;

·        Fundamentals of the Efficient Searching Activity;

·        International Transport Law;

·        International Protection of Human Rights;

·        International Economic Law;

·        Diplomatic and Consular Law.

Graduation theses in Economics:

·        Analysis of Bookkeeping;

·        Analysis of Financial Statements;

·        Crisis Management;

·        Audit;

·        Analysis of Financial and Economic Activity;

·        Bank Accounting;

·        Banking;

·        Accounting Financial Statements;

·        Management Accounting;

·        Accounting;

·        Budget System;

·         State and Municipal Finance and Management;

·        Money, Credit, Banks;

·        Information Systems in Economics;

·        Research of Management Systems;

·        Cooperative Movement;

·        Monitoring and Audit;

·        Logistics;

·        Macroeconomics;

·        Small Business;

·        Marketing;

·        Management;

·        Local Government;

·        Microeconomics;

·        World Economy;

·        Taxes and Taxation;

·        Basics of Business;

·        Basics of Management;

·        Business Valuation;

·        Organization of Commercial Activity;

·        Organizational Behavior;

·        Advertisement;

·        Equity Market;

·        Statistics;

·        Strategic Management;

·        Insurance;

·        Organization Theory;

·        Management Theory;

·        Tourism;

·        Financial Analysis;

·        Finances;

·        Finance, Currency and Credit;

·        Enterprise Finances;

·        Financial Management;

·        Quality Management;

·        Human Resource Management;

·        Project Management;

·        Management Decisions;

·        Management Accounts;

·        Price Formation;

·        Econometrics;

·        Economics;

·        Enterprise Economics;

·        Enterprise Economics and Management;

·        Economic Culture;

·        Economic Theory.

Graduation theses in humanitarian subjects:

·        English;

·        Latin;

·        Biology;

·        Bibliography;

·        Geography;

·        Clerical Work;

·        Documentation Management;

·        Journalism;

·        History (of native or foreign countries)

·        Cultural Studies;

·        Conflictology;

·        Concepts of Modern Science;

·        Literature;

·        Linguistics;

·        Logic;

·        Speech Therapy;

·        Medicine;

·        Foreign Language Teaching Methodology;

·        Methods of Teaching Russian;

·        Methods of Teaching Literature;

·        Methods of Teaching Mathematics;

·        Technique of Physical Training;

·        Health and Safety;

·        Pedagogics;

·        Pedagogics and Psychology;

·        Educational Psychology;

·        Theory of Translation;

·        Psychodiagnosis;

·        Psychology;

·        Political Science;

·        Russian;

·        Sociology;

·        Social Work;

·        Physical Training;

·        Philosophy;

·        Philology;

·        Ecology;

·        Ethics.


Graduation theses in engineering subjects:

·        Computer Science;

·        Programming;

·        Mathematics;

·        Analytical Geometry;

·        Merchandizing;

·        Chemistry;

·        Physics;

·        Household Appliances and Machines;

·        Machine Components;

·        Materials Science;

·        Mechanical Engineering;

·        Metrology;

·        Elements of Mechanical Design;

·        Structural Resistance;

·        Theory of Mechanics;

·        Engineering Mechanics;

·        Motor Vehicle Construction and Layout;

·        Electrical Technology.

Sketches, Charts and Individual Tasks:

  • Engineering Graphics;
  • Descriptive Geometry;
  • Sketches made with the help of AutoCAD, Compass, etc.

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