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Buy inexpensive ready-made term papers or order to write a term paper is very easy! All you need to do is contact our agency “Studik“. Our authors (teachers, graduate students, students who graduated with “excellent”, etc.) will write custom term papers on the most complex subjects: technical, legal, humanitarian and economic disciplines.

You can order a term paper in cities in Ukraine:

Dnepr Odessa Rivne Kherson
Kiev Lutsk Ivano-Frankivsk Khmelnitsky
Zhitomir Lviv Sumy Cherkassy
Zaporozhye Nikolaev Ternopil Chernigov
Chernivtsi Donetsk (DNR) Lugansk (LNR)

Disciplines for which we write term projects in Kiev:

  • Agroindustry, Astronomy; English Philology;
  • Banking, BZhD, Accounting and Auditing;
  • Geography;
  • Document Science, Interior Design;
  • Ecology, Economics, Ethics and Aesthetics;
  • Journalism;
  • Investing, Computer Science, History;
  • Cultural Studies, Computer Science;
  • Literature, Logic, Logistics;
  • Marketing, Medicine, Management, International Economic Relations – MEO, Mathematics;
  • Real Estate;
  • Pedagogy, Political Science, PAHT (Processes and Devices of Chemical Technology), Processes and Devices of Food Production, Political Economy;
  • Law (Jurisprudence), Natural Science, Programming (Basic), Psychology; 
  • Religious Studies, Advertising, Public relations – PR, Religion, Rhetoric, RZD, RPS;
  • Sociology, Statistics, Insurance Business;
  • Technology, Merchandising, Tourism, Labor Law;
  • Philosophy, Finance, Physics;
  • Chemistry;
  • Management Accounting. Accounting in Taxation, Ukrainian Language, Ukrainian Literature;
  • Theory and History of Public Administration and Management;
  • Public Management and Administration;
  • Administrative Management;
  • Jurisprudence;
  • Ecology

 Popular topics of term papers that are most often ordered:

  • Coursework on hiv infection;
  • Coursework on word processing word;
  • Term paper on legal responsibility;
  • Coursework on diabetes mellitus;
  • Coursework on road safety;
  • Coursework on chronic gastritis;
  • Coursework on civil law;
  • Coursework on the topic of volunteering;
  • Term paper on pyelonephritis;
  • Term paper on maternity capital.

 Due dates for coursework

Term of writing term projects depends on the complexity of the task and deadlines. Standard term coursework performance does not exceed 7 working days. For urgent orders (1-2 days.) Do 100% markup.


For term papers made to order in our agency Studik give a guarantee to support and revision on demand. I.e., if your term project teacher will not accept – we will redo it for free. We make all the corrections that will be required, and will repeat the work until the term paper will not be accepted.

The price of the work depends on:

  • the difficulty of doing it;
  • writing deadlines;
  • specific requirements of the instructor;
  • methodological guidelines;
  • writing language (English, German, Russian, Ukrainian);
  • from the university and the country in which the work will be delivered (we do term papers not only for Ukrainian universities, as well as foreign ones)

The more complete information and wishes, topics, number of pages, language of writing (for example, English, German, Russian or Ukrainian) coursework will be more adapted to the requirements of your university and teacher.

All disciplines:

  1. Balance sheet analysis
  2. Product cost analysis
  3. Analysis of the financial condition of the company
  4. Databases
  5. Business plan of the company
  6. Business Planning
  7. Financial statements
  8. Accounting
  9. Civil Law
  10. Machine parts
  11. Computer Science
  12. Constitutional Law
  13. Forensics
  14. Course design of machine parts
  15. Macroeconomics
  16. Marketing
  17. Marketing research
  18. Medicine
  19. Management
  20. Metrology
  21. Microeconomics
  22. Pedagogy
  23. Making management decisions
  24. Psychology
  25. Car repairs
  26. Social work
  27. Sociology
  28. Strategic management
  29. Strategic planning
  30. Mechanical Engineering Technologies
  31. Labor Law
  32. Criminal Law
  33. Human Resources Management
  34. Project Management
  35. Cash accounting
  36. Physical Education
  37. Financial Management
  38. Finance
  39. Ecology
  40. The Economy
  41. Organizational Economics
  42. Industry economics
  43. Business Economics
  44. Economic Theory
  45. Economic analysis
  46. Electricity
  47. Legal responsibility

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