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1 Hurra in Polish 1: Student’s textbook, Zeszyt ćwiczeń (+ audio) Małgorzata Małolepsza, Aneta Szymkiewicz

Malgozhata Malolepsha, Aneta Shimkevich Cheers in Polish Part 1. Self-teacher of the Polish language

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The first part of the self-teacher for learning the Polish language. Minimum knowledge of Polish is required. The self-teacher is suitable for practicing teachers and tutors. The textbook consists of three parts – “Student’s textbook”, “Exercise book”, as well as audio files to the first and second part.

Detailed description of the self-teacher: The
student’s self- teacher consists of 20 lectures. The self-teacher contains:
1. modern texts that describe such topics as: family, travel, work, internet, sports, holidays
– describe the life of Poland.
2. Numerous different exercises systematically developing 4 skills: language, writing, reading, comprehension hearing.
3. Interesting crossword puzzles, quizzes and exercises help concentration and memorization in students.
4. A wealth of illustrations of modern Poland.
5. A CD with sound files for each lecture

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