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Programming is the process of creating instructions, programs for various digital, hardware devices.

The creator of the PASCAL programming language Niklaus Wirth said that “Programs = algorithms + data structures”. That is the main task of programming, control and term papers on programming is the creation and use of algorithms and data structures.

Also, programming is understood as all activities associated with the creation and maintenance of the working state of software. This is already “software engineering” – an engineering discipline. It includes analysis, problem setting, program design, creation of algorithms, development of data structures, writing program texts, program testing, documentation, adjustment, fine tuning, software maintenance.

The modern world of technological progress is impossible to imagine without digital devices, computer technology, automated and computerized processes. All spheres of human activity are aimed at qualitative development and, accordingly, at integrating the achievements of the computer world into the work, which is impossible without programming as its basis. Entire software complexes are created to simplify document management, filing cabinets, accounting, educational process. But most ordinary users do not even realize that for each elementary simple action on the computer or other gadget, experts-programmers write a whole instruction, a program.   To create these programs and instructions, special tools and methods are used – these are programming languages. That is why the education of a programmer and the discipline of “programming” will be relevant for a very long time.

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The most popular programming languages in 2022

  1. SQL

At the top of the list is SQL – “structured query language”, which is used to create, modify and manage data in an arbitrary relational database managed by an appropriate DBMS. Database technologies (MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server) are used by multinational corporations, small businesses and government agencies alike. In the home, almost every computing machine and most people who have access to technology end up using SQL. For example, Android smartphones and iPhones have access to the SQLite database, and many popular mobile applications developed by Google, Skype or Dropbox use it.

  1. Java

The technology world recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the object-oriented programming language Java, one of the most widely used languages. It is used by more than 9 million software developers and on 7 billion devices.

With Java and the frameworks it develops, programmers are able to develop large-scale web-applications for a wide range of users. Java is the primary language used to develop native Android applications for smartphones and tablets.

Java is very popular among the developers, this is due to the fact that it is simple and reliable, and this in turn is a guarantee of long-term compatibility of products written with it. Websites such as, and are written in this language, so the era of Java will not end soon.

  1. JavaScript

Most modern websites use elements of JavaScript. It is a prototype-oriented scripting programming language. It is widely used in browsers as a scripting language to add interactivity to web pages and to build user interfaces with the popular JavaScript framework. For example: JavaScript has recently been used as the basis for Node.js, which is a server-side technology that does real-time communication.

  1. C#

The new object-oriented programming language is C#. It appeared in 2000 and occupies a major position among programming languages for developing products on Microsoft platforms and services: from the up-to-date web applications using Azure and .NET, applications for Windows “devices” to powerful individual desktop applications for business. C#, the fruit of the evolution of C and C++, is the fastest way to use all of Microsoft’s offerings. It is also used in game development on the Unity engine.

  1. Python

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that aims to improve developer productivity and code readability. Python always has the right framework to solve any task: web applications, user interfaces, data analysis, statistics. This language is great for the beginner as well as the knowledgeable professional. Python has become a major starter language for those beginning to learn computer science. In the United States, 8 out of 10 computer science departments, 27 out of 39 top universities teach students the science of programming using Python.Python has often been used as a primary tool in processing large amounts of data.NASA and Reddit websites have used Python.

  1. C++

C++ is the successor of C. C++ is an excellent choice when creating strong “desktop” software, games with hardware acceleration features, personal computer applications, consoles, and mobile gadgets that need a large amount of memory to function properly.

Since 1983, the creator of the language, Bjørn Straustrup, has taken into account all the applications created with C++. This list includes Adobe and Microsoft applications, MongoDB databases, and a large part of Mac OS/X.

  1. PHP

Rasmus Lerdorf, a Danish-Canadian programmer, created PHP as a set of tools that he needed to maintain his Personal Home Page. Today PHP – a general-purpose scripting programming language, is actively used to create web applications.

Many sites have been created with PHP language, which are aimed at large amounts of data. It is also the main technology of the powerful content management systems (eg, WordPress).

  1. Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a dynamic programming language that is open-source and has an emphasis on ease of use and productivity. It is mostly used to develop web applications. Ruby on Rails is a Ruby-based framework that integrates web applications with a web and database server. The advantage of Ruby on Rails is the capacity of the code and a large range of third-party libraries

Twitter, SoundCloud, Airbnb, Basecamp, GitHub, Hulu used Ruby on Rails programming language.

  1. Swift

At the 2014 WWDC Summer Conference, Apple unveiled the Swift personal programming language, which replaced the long-standing Objective C. Swift gets bonuses from programmers for security – a very low chance of accidentally introducing critical bugs. And another important point is the “clarity” of the language – to implement the same action in Swift language requires fewer lines of code than in Objective-C.

Analysts predict a gradual increase in Swift in the near future. At the moment, it is used by LinkedIn, Lyft, Vimeo, Pixelmator and other companies. Rumor has it that Google is looking to move to Swift in terms of Android app development.

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