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One important branch of psychology is Psychopathology. It is a medical science that studies dynamic mental disorders and their manifestations. Mental illnesses in humans manifest themselves as a result of a variety of nervous system and organ disorders. Psychopathology includes such concepts as symptoms, causes of symptoms, classification, syndromes, and treatments. This discipline also includes the study of child psychopathology. Psychopathology can be used to learn about neurophysiological, genetic, and pharmacological methods of diagnosing disorders and how to treat them.

In our world, it is increasingly common to encounter people with mental disorders. These disorders are influenced not only by biological factors, but also by social factors. The conditions in which a person lives all the time have a strong influence on their mental state. There are two types of mental illnesses: acute and chronic. Acute mental illnesses are those that develop quickly and are quickly treated. Chronic ones are characterized by a certain dynamics of the course of the disease. It develops long and unnoticed, and after the application of treatment gradually goes into long-term remission. But it is impossible to cure completely.

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