Research work paper (RWP)

Research work paper (RWP) to order

Research work (abbreviated name – RWP) – is a scientific work that is associated with research, scientific research, experiments to expand existing and new knowledge, testing scientific hypotheses, establishing patterns that occur in nature and in society, scientific generalizations, scientific substantiation of projects.

Research work paper of students (RWP) is the main means of improving the quality of training of specialists with higher education, who are able to apply in practice the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress.

Along with many tasks of higher education at the present stage of its development in vocational training of students, one of the main is the task of developing research work of students (RWP) as the most productive form of training.

RWP promotes the development of scientific outlook, individual abilities, research skills, scientific intuition, creative approach to the perception of knowledge to implement them in the practice of their future work, which is the main purpose of research work of students.

At the moment, the university’s research and development is a complex, purposeful and well-founded system. Existing forms in the system of research and development allow each student to master a set of different creative activities during his studies at the university, which will allow future professionals to contribute to their work an element of scientific approach, seeks to constantly replenish and improve knowledge to improve professional activity.

RWP is a continuation and deepening of the educational process and is organized directly at the departments of the institute. Scientific work of students is included in the general plan of work of department and high school. It is organized in various forms in two directions:

  1. Educational and research work of students (RWP), which is included in the educational process;
  2. Research work paper of students (RWP) performed in extracurricular time.

RWP  considers: performance of various practical tasks, laboratory works, diploma and course works containing elements of scientific researches; research tasks during pedagogical and organizational practice.

In the process of learning, students go through stages of creative training. At the first stage on 1 and 2 courses of training skills and abilities of R&D which are provided by the curriculum are got. Namely, general scientific training is carried out: introduction of research elements in the process of learning when writing laboratory and practical works, execution of abstracts in preparation for seminars. For example, compiling abstracts of scientific literature teaches to analyze, evaluate and highlight the main points in the studied literature; seminars effectively help to increase the student’s scientific erudition; participating in them, students learn to discuss, argue their views, develop the ability to choose problematic scientific topics, to navigate in the special scientific literature.

At the second stage – the scientific work of third, fourth and fifth year students completes the formation of research students. At this stage, personal interest plays a huge role in the success of research and development.

One of the special forms of organization of student research activities in the educational process is diploma and term papers, during which there is a strong activation of students.

Course work is a scientific research in which the transition from simple research methods to more complex ones is carried out. This is the basis for further in-depth research, which can turn into a thesis.

Thesis is an independent scientific development that includes all the knowledge gained in the course of students’ work in various forms of research work. Diploma projects are an independent study.

In the process of preparation of diploma and course projects, students are required to master the following skills and abilities of research:

  • analyze literary sources;
  • analyze independently obtained research results;
  • use methods of scientific research, mathematical statistics in processing research results and obtaining reliable results;
  • methodically correct to put the experiment;
  • summarize them and formulate conclusions, as well as make practical recommendations.
  • set independent research tasks;

A characteristic feature of the research and development system is the organic unity of forms of research work of students (both educational and extracurricular) during their studies at the university.

Research work of students, which is performed outside the educational process, is carried out in the form of work in student research circles, student scientific society, translation bureau, abstract or student bibliographic bureau, participation in work on economic contracts and works under creative community agreements.

Thus, at present, students’ research work is a methodologically sound system of increasing the level of training and education of specialists.

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