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Engineering from Latin means ingenuity, invention, development. This science is a branch of technical activity, which includes disciplines designed for the practical application of social, economic, practical and scientific knowledge for the benefit of mankind. All engineering is based on science and is a scientific and technical activity. Its goals are the creation, implementation, development, maintenance, repair of technical devices and processes. The basis of engineering includes three types of engineering activities: design, technology and research.

It will take many years and time to study inertia . It is very often the case that students studying engineering are asked to write a scientific article related to this science. Usually, a scientific article reflects the result of research work, its purpose and final result. The standard version of the content of a scientific article includes the title, authors, table of contents, introduction, main part, conclusion, list of references. More detailed requirements must be learned directly from your supervisor, as each specialization has its own characteristics. But it is not always possible to withstand every feature or basic idea in a scientific article to make it really good.

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