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Writing an article on jurisprudence is not an easy job that requires intellectual and time, but the result of these investments, progress in the sciences, costs much more, because, as Hippocrates said – the field of science is limitless and life is short.

Scientific articles on jurisprudence are intended to inform scientists, researchers and specialists about the latest developments in the field of law, as well as to consolidate parity for discovery. To date, the scientific work is not considered complete until it is published.

If you need to write and publish an article in one of the scientific journals, then such an article will cost you cheap. At the same time you will be satisfied with the service of writing original articles, taking into account all your recommendations.

To date, the writing of an article by the Higher Attestation Commission in higher education institutions has also begun to be requested in order to be admitted to the defense of the master’s thesis. Previously, there were no such requirements in universities – the author’s innovation was encountered only last year.

For example, in order to defend a master’s thesis in law, you need to write one HAC article, as a rule, this is enough to be admitted to submit a research paper.

To defend a PhD thesis requires writing at least three articles. It is desirable that they be written on each of the chapters of scientific research.

When defending a doctoral dissertation, the number of articles increases much and you already need to have at least six articles written at different times.

It is desirable to draw up an article on jurisprudence of the Higher Attestation Commission immediately after deciding on the scientific journal in which it will be published.

It is also worth noting that the writing of the article takes 5 to 7 days and depends on the complexity of the article and its volume.

In addition to articles, you can also order other types of scientific publications:

  • A monographis a scientific work in the form of a book with in-depth study of one topic or several closely related, which belongs to one or more authors. The monograph contains a systematic presentation of the main data of the scientific work and is most often used as a form of publication when writing a dissertation for a doctoral degree;
  • scientific abstract or abstract– a summary by the author of the content of scientific research of the dissertation before submitting it for defense;
  • informative abstract– a short written summary of the content of one scientific work on the latest achievements in this field;
  • methodical developments / recommendations– auxiliary information that determines the plan of presentation of research results in a specific field;
  • abstracts of reports, as well as materials of the scientific conference(Non-periodic collection of conference results, reports, recommendations and decisions) – briefly formulated key scientific ideas on the research topic. Abstracts of reports, in most cases, refer to the materials of scientific research already published previously in research reports (R&D), articles or monographs;

By contacting the authors of the Studik agency, you will have no doubts in choosing a specialist for any type of scientific work, and we are confident that you will work with us for a long time!

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