September 12, 2019 PrivatBank introduces new FacePay technology

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Privatbank announced the launch of payment technologies FacePay

In September PrivatBank launches an updated version of the popular mobile banking Privat24. As described in the financial institution, a fundamentally new payment technology in retail will present the September 12, 2019. That day in the river at Privat Innovation Day will show advanced development team of innovators and leading bank payment systems.

Simultaneously with the new Privat24 journalists will present a new opportunity and banking – payment person FacePay.

The fact that the technology is ready for the launch said at the end of 2016 then-it-director Dmitri Dubilet Bank. But after the nationalization Privat in December of the same year, apparently, the launch was postponed.

The essence of technology FacePay version of Privatbank, however, until the end is unclear. In the financial institution are kept secret details of the project. But earlier in the State Bank explained that the client does not need to pay for the new technology will be in possession of either a smartphone or a card.

In 2016, work on the principle FacePay its developers said so:

  • The user needs to register on a special website, enter your login and password from Privat24 and photographed.
  • For payment on the counter will cost tablet or smartphone, the camera is aimed at the visitor.
  • If the system recognizes the customer (a special algorithm to face recognition), it sends a request to the customer’s name on the POS-terminal side.
  • The seller enters into the amount of the order terminal, then the desired the amount will be charged to the card.

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