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Logistics is the science of managing information, material and human flows in order to minimize costs (optimization). Logistics is such a choice of the best option for providing goods in the right quantity, the right quality, at the right time, in the right place and at the lowest cost.

From the position of management, the organization of logistics can be seen as the strategic management of material flows in the process of supply: procurement, transportation, sale and storage of materials, parts and finished inventory (machinery and other). The concepts of “logistics” have long since ceased to be confused and identified, since the profession of manager of logistics in the modern world is one of the most popular and in demand, which means that modern people are very familiar with this term. Logisticians are management people who deal with the purchasing, transportation, storage, and distribution of goods.

The work of almost any company is closely connected with the logistics processes, which means that professional and experienced logisticians are a necessity for each of them. To become a good logistician will help to study at one of the universities in Ukraine. Fortunately, the choice of universities, and accordingly, opportunities is huge. An applicant can choose either a highly specialized university, where future specialists will be trained in similar areas, or a multidisciplinary university, where different students master many professions.

Below are all the universities in the areas of “Logistics, Warehousing, FEA:

  • University of International Innovative Ideas Address: Kiev, Kovalskiy lane, 19

Departments – economics and management.

  • Kyiv University of Economics and Transport Technologies Address: Kiev, Lukashevicha Str., 19

Departments – infrastructure and rolling stock of railway transport; – railway transport management; – financial and economic.

  • Institute of Management and Finance at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University

Address: Kiev, Vasylkovskaya Str., 90-a, room 904

Departments – Management (innovation, investment activity, information technology); – Management of foreign economic activity; – Finance and credit; – Accounting and auditing.

  • Institute of Economics, Law and Management Systems Pesotsky Address: Kiev, Polytechnicheskaya str., 35, building № 9 NTUU “KPI”

Departments – Marketing; – Organization of public services; – Management of nonproductive sphere; – Logistics; – Accounting.

  • National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Auditing Address: Kiev, Podgornaya str.

Departments of Applied Statistics, economic cybernetics of management: – applied statistics; – economic cybernetics; – management of foreign economic activity. Accounting and Auditing: – Accounting and Auditing. Finance: – finance. Banking: – banking.

  • Institute of Ecology, Economics and Law Address: Kiev, Turgenevskaya Str., 11

Departments – ecology and environmental protection; – marketing; – finance; – international economics; – psychology.

  • Kyiv Economic Institute of Management Address: Kiev, Smolenskaya str. 31/33

Departments of  Finance  and  Credit:  –  Finance  (specializations:  financial  and

banking   management)     Marketing:     –   Marketing                (specializations:                      marketing

management, consumer market marketing) Economic Cybernetics Management: – Management of organizations (specializations: management of goods and services market, management of hotel and restaurant business); – Management of foreign economic activity (specialization: international trade management) Sociology

  • Ukrainian-American Institute “Wisconsin International University” (USA) in Ukraine

Address: Kiev, Turgenevskaya str. 8/14 (to. 1-4)

Departments – business management, – management of foreign economic activity.

  • Kyiv Humanitarian Academy Address: Kiev, Kazatskaya street, 120/4

Departments – International Relations; – Romance and Germanic Philology; – Economics

  • Kyiv Slavic University Address: Kiev, Mate Zalka str.

Faculties – Institute of Slavic and International Relations; – Faculty of Management and Tourism

  • University of Modern Knowledge Address: Kiev, st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 57/3

Faculties – Law, – Philology, – Psychology, – Finance and credit, – Accounting and auditing, – Management.

  • National University of the State Tax Service of Ukraine Address: Kiev region, Irpen, K. Marx str.

Departments – training, retraining and advanced training of tax police officers; –

Economics and taxation; – Finance and banking; – Accounting and economics; –

Law; – Correspondence courses

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